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When can I transplant a young Japanese Maple?

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I planted a very young Japanese Maple last October (2008). It is approx 90cms tall at the moment. I now find that I need to move it. Is autumn after the leaves have dropped the best time? And how much around the base of the tree should I allow in order to not damage the roots? I am a complete novice and would appreciate any advice.



I would certainly advise against moving now as it has barely had time to establish itself. If you must move again then yes when leaves have fallen and make sure you dig out a root ball at least a metre across. Moving the tree again this autumn is going to set it back so the bigger the root ball the better. Also prepare the ground you will transplant into and add lots of humus.

13 Apr, 2009


Adding to that - you will have to water it well for its first year in the new position, too!

13 Apr, 2009


Oops thanks Spritzhenry forgot to say that. I know Bulbaholic and I have planted a shrub/tree and the realised we had to move but it is far better to plant in final position as it really sets the plant back.

13 Apr, 2009

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