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By Avkq47

Worcestershire, United Kingdom Gb

Hello all ... I am struggling on the internet to find a UK supplier of full grown shrubs with a decent selection. I am looking for any 3 plants out of the following choices, all at approx 2m height: phottinia, cotoneaster frigidus cornubia, eleagnus, pieris, abelia grandiflora. Does anyone have any knowledge of a company that sells these individually at 2m? Many thanks.



How about this one in Edinburgh, Avkg. I don't know about the specifics you require but they do supply large trees and shrubs.

2 Mar, 2012


The link below is the nearist I can find for eleagnus its about 1.3m hope this helps

2 Mar, 2012
Sorry, Avkg, the link didn't come up last time.

3 Mar, 2012


Thank you both very much - checking links out. Much appreciated.

3 Mar, 2012



Silk Tree Nurseries have a huge selection of established plants, I dont know if they have what you want but its worth a look.

3 Mar, 2012


Hello Marion1 ... lovely website, and have noted it for future japanese/exotic requirements, but nothing in the list i have. Their photinia is too small. Thank you for your response.

3 Mar, 2012


Steve and bulbaholic - I have emailed contact from your websites, and am awaiting responses. Thank you.

3 Mar, 2012


For everyone ... ... is brilliant and the prices are very very reasonable, with a £60 delivery per pallett. Worth noting.

5 Mar, 2012

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