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I sowed sweetpeas last year..their looking good is it a bit too early to plant them out?



Just a bit - recommendation is to plant outside in 'March or April' - given you're in the West Midlands, I'd err on the side of caution and aim to have them outside by end of March. Which means another couple of weeks inside and then a week to ten days of hardening off, then planting out. You might, though, have to revise that if the weather becomes very cold again.

3 Mar, 2012


great..thankyou :)

3 Mar, 2012


hi also have the same dilema, going on hols 24th march so should sweet peas go out before or when i come back two weeks later. I guess we have to rely on weather forecast if you can believe it

3 Mar, 2012


yes Jen your right it's a tricky one..I'm quite new to all of this so won't be guiding

4 Mar, 2012


If you really want to put them out now you could make mini cloches by cutting the base off old litre plastic bottles. Leave the screw tops off for ventilation. Your young plants will be protected from cold winds that make the leaves go brown and the bottles can stay on until you are confident the weather is mild enough to remove them.

4 Mar, 2012

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