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I am hoping to plant apple pips for my grandchildren as a rememberance after I am no longer here, as I have a life threating disease. Can you suggest rhe best way to do this, we don't want to buy plants but do it from pips.



im sorry to here of your problems and i cant help with the apple pips . im not peticulerly religious and dont want a grave when i move on so about 4 years ago in winter when they were dorement i cut 2 small branches of the same tree and planted them bye a river . there weeping willows and already are a good 12` high plus there hanging in the river already and the trunks have merged together in a twist . the trunk is a good 15-18" round to . the trouble with planting an apple tree in your garden is your grandchildren mite move and have to leave there beloved tree behind . my ashes are going under my willows and the willows will help the wildlife out know end . my point is how about finding some common land and planting something there like perhaps a crab apple . its just a thaught6 . take care bye for now . im sure someone will help you with your question if not . take care bye for now x .

3 Mar, 2012


You can grow apples from pips quite easily. I just sow them in a pot, cover them with a few mm of soil then leave out in the cold. The cold with stratify the seeds and in spring, they should germinate.

However, your apple trees will not bear any significant fruit. Just about all edible apples are grafted onto a rootstock and grown that way. Chances are that seed sown tres will produce small, inedible fruits similar to a crab apple....if they fruit at all.

They will produce a tre and as far as i know, it'll grow big and live for a fair few years although like most members of the rosacaea family, they are reletively short lived for a tree (30-50 years)

Grow them for a bit of fun and for the kids but just don't expect a flourishing orchard.

Good luck

3 Mar, 2012


It's a lovely idea, Emma, but NP and Andy have very valid points. We have had to leave the remains of beloved pets behind in various gardens (obviously not the same, but a demonstration of the problem when people move so often). Is there no local park or land where a tree can be planted in your memory and your ashes scattered beneath it (if the council will allow)? I have (much to the bewilderment and amusement of the local funeral director) left directions that I am to be cremated (very unusual here) and my ashes to be dug into the vegetable garden, or, failing that to be thrown to the 4 winds from the local mountaintop on a suitably blusterous, sunny day, so that I shall forever be part of the surroundings, and family and friends (if there are any left) can look at the view and remember how much I loved it.
Having said that, I thing the growing of apple pips is a simply beautiful idea for the children. I'm not sure how easily they will germinate and grow, though. Acorns or something similar might be easier.

3 Mar, 2012


thats a good idea gattina great minds think alike xx .

3 Mar, 2012


Hello! Two years ago my daughter bit into a 'pink lady' apple and we found 5 sprouting pips, which were duly potted up. Since then we are down to 2 plants about 18" high with loads of buds. I understand that these plants may not produce 'pink lady' apples but either crab apples or something entirely new ... whichever apple comes out, the whole process for my daughter has been and is one of wonder, excitement and interest. If the apple variety produced is a new one, then she will have her name on it!!

3 Mar, 2012


My wishes too, Gattina! Love the thought of my ashes floating on the wind and settling amongst my lovely views. Just hope we don't have a painful way of getting there! :o)

4 Mar, 2012


I had to ask permission of the local town hall, but now it's down in black and white. I started off thinking that it would involve less bureaucracy if I said I wanted my ashes carried back and spread in England, but apparently not! The funeral director said "Just do whatever you want and don't say anything!" Then he winked. It's the way they do it here - involve as few officials as possible, then they don't have a chance to create problems. As far as digging into the cabbages goes, I'm the landowner, so as long as I have given prior permission to myself, there shouldn't be any problems. Funny old world, isn't it? I have absolutely no qualms about dying, or talking about it, as long as my affairs are in order and, as you say, Nariz, the going is swift and painless, I'm ready to go. No funeral or religion, just a jolly good party that I'd have enjoyed going to myself. I've already planted a couple of dozen trees, and they are growing well, so they can stand witness, should anyone feel the need.

4 Mar, 2012


Well said! Pity of it is ..... I love a good party and I'd hate to miss mine!

5 Mar, 2012

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