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Plant or Pitch?

Isle of Wight, United Kingdom Gb

hi there ....

Can any of you clever people please ID this for me? I'm not sure whether to nurture or pot it on or pitch it out!

It looks healthy and as if it has been purposely planted, rather than just self seeded, but I have no recollection of where it came from. Speaking as one who once repotted what I thought was a plant in a new garden, only to find I had applied TLC to a crop of deadly nightshade, I am not exactly the most reliable horticultural oracle!

Any information gratefully received.
Many thanks

On plant ????




I don't know but it looks like a 'proper' shrub rather than a weed so I would keep growing it on until it is identified.

13 Apr, 2009


Could it be a Hebe? What does everyone think?

13 Apr, 2009


Don't know a Hebe with leaves as large as that.
Sorry, I take that back. Have you ever bought Hebe 'Gauntletti', Clematiscrazy?

13 Apr, 2009


I'm thinking Fuschia??? Or maybe Honeysuckle??

13 Apr, 2009


Doesn't look like fuschia or honeysuckle to me, but I'm happy to be told I'm wrong :-)

13 Apr, 2009


Oh you are a lovely lot, trying to help me... thank you.... no, i've not had a Hebe Gauntletti, Bulbaholic...and thanks but don't think it is fuschia or honeysuckle that i know of...

the only thing that keeps nagging is that it reminds me a little of an evergreen clematis...armandii?? but considerably smaller and woody.... altho i did buy one a while ago, but lost it....not that i remember trying to take a cutting....(then again i didn't remember putting my purse in the fridge!) but if i break anything off by accident i often "stick" it somewhere because i hate the idea of it dying... it would be lovely if it were that, but i don't think it's quite right....

i will keep an eye on it and perhaps have a nice surprise!
thank you all

13 Apr, 2009


The shape of the leaves on the 'woody' type stem actually look like the Fuschia my neighbour has hanging over my front garden fence, close to the small Honeysuckly I put in my garden. Sorry Moon Grower - guess we'll both just have to wait and see what flowers on this little baby!

13 Apr, 2009


It does look very like an evergreen honeysuckle thingy we have that unfortunately has yet to do anything interesting in the way of flowering.

13 Apr, 2009


I have several Hebes with large leaves - honestly! - and what reminded me of them was the way those shoots are growing outwards.

The leaves on my winter honeysuckle are a paler green than those, and not shiny at all.

Definitely not Clematis armandii.

No - I reckon we'll all have to be patient.

13 Apr, 2009


You're right about the armandii, spritz... more's the pity...i have ruled it out myself by doing a google image search and the armandii has four sections down each leaf.... well please don't hold your breath people, i'd hate to lose you just as I start getting to know you all.... i don't think this little devil is going to let us in on his secret for a while yet!

thanks for your suggestions....If anything happens in the next couple of years, I'll let you all know!!

13 Apr, 2009


Still early days... but I think there is a real chance that Greenfingers and Weeding know their onions!!!

The new growth is looking distinctly Honeysuckleish! Will keep you posted.

26 Apr, 2009


Please do...

26 Apr, 2009

How do I say thanks?

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