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Agapantha's.....I have several potted agapantha's, which were grown from seed 3 winters ago, each winter they were brought inside, but this year they look a little sad, leaves are droopy and some yellowing...see question is.....should i cut back the foliage, all or just the yellow leaves??? and should i re-pot them into slightly larger permanent pots....Thank you in anticipation...Ps I think they are the african variety but came from some plants flowering in a neighbour's garden

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Agapanthus hate to be disturbed and seem to like being jammed in a pot without much room. Mine stay out in the garden all year round and are moved by a wall in a sheltered position for the winter. They lost their leaves months ago and will grow again when the weather improves.

5 Mar, 2012


Mine go yellow every year in Autumn,and I cut them all off,before wrapping them in fleece ,and storing in the shed,and keeping completely dry all winter..when it gets warmer,I water them,and new growth should start again from the bottom...I only put them outside in the daytime,if warm enough,and they go in the growhouse at night,till all danger of frost has passed..personally,I would cut them all back..there does come a time when they need repotting,but you need to use your own discretion about that..I live much further North than either you or Cammomile,so maybe you don't need to keep them inside like me..good luck..

5 Mar, 2012


Mine die back every year - planted out in the garden. I remove the yucky stuff and leave them to it. They survived -17C last winter without problem. The problem may be that they have been brought in house each year. They need to be out in the ground and not taken in doors at any time.

6 Mar, 2012


thank you all for the feedback...we are going to remove the yellow stuff and cut back some of the leaves...and going to upgrade the smaller pots to a bigger one.....fingers crossed....Thank you

8 Mar, 2012


They need an area to spread and grow, and are best planted in the ground, but if you wish to keep them in pots, then give them large shallow strong sturdy pots with fleecing/bubble wrap around the pot base so that they have some protection from long periods of ice temperatures. In the ground they are hardy down to -20C but pots are another matter! Every year I have to cut/dig them back as they will overspill their area.

9 Mar, 2012

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