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Garden sieve with inserts, any good?

I picked up a stainless steel garden sieve from Aldi at the weekend. Later I realised that it has three mesh screens of varying degrees of fineness, which seems good but now I am not sure if the inserts will stay in place when I'm using it. Has anyone used this kind of sieve that could let me know? I haven't used it yet and could still return it.




They shouldn't move around too much - generally, seiving soil involves shaking the seive from side to side rather than up and down, although I've never used one of these myself.

5 Mar, 2012


I saw these in Aldi too,but didn't really take a close the inner ones lift out,to use seperately,or are they fixed ?

5 Mar, 2012


Yes, it is a stainless steel 'frame' and three inserts that lift out. They were fixed together with a plastic tag so you couldn't have much of a look. After Bamboo's reply I gave it a try this afternoon and it worked fine, the insert wasn't loose at all. I'm quite pleased with it, I hope it will last longer than my plastic one did. I have got a stone wall up the length of the garden and it sheds lots of small pieces of stone which I am trying to get rid of.

5 Mar, 2012


Oh that's good,Bryony..I could have done with one of those when we first moved here..but 10years later!..most of them removed hand mostly..the rest of the little ones were dug in for drainage,but they still appear at the top occasionally...Some good bargains at that store. we use it a lot...:o)

6 Mar, 2012

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