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Advice needed on growing Cobaea scanden (cup and saucer vine) from seed


By Puddles

London, United Kingdom Gb

I wanted to grow some Cobaea from seed this year and have just sown 3 seeds (on their sides) into individual pots and put them in a heated propagator (it is not controllable and it seems to keep the propagater at 30oc). I only sowed 3 as I had heard that they need to be started early in the year to get them to flower before frosts, I have 6 seeds left and want to know if it is worth sowing them now, i.e. will I get them to flower this year? Also my propagator lid is semi-opaque, is this ok or should I put on a clear lid? It gets a lot of condensation on the inside, which I wipe off, is this correct/ ok conditions for the seeds?

I am new to seeds and would love to grow a cup and saucer vine, I am worried that by just sowing 3 my chances of getting one to full growth is limited, on the other hand I don't want to waste seeds/time on plants that will not have time to flower this year. Any help, advice or suggestions greatly appreciated.

On plant Cobaea scandens




30 o seems very warm. most plants germinate at temps lower than 24o. so i hope they wont be too hot.
the condensation suggests it might be too wet. and this increases that likelyhood of the seeds rotting. until they are germinated the opaque lid will be fine. once they ahve germinated a clear plastic lid will be better. tehy should be fine for this year.

hope this helps.

17 Apr, 2009


Thanks for advice, I'll turn the heat off on the propagtor and sow the rest of the seeds.

18 Apr, 2009


Mine germinated in 2 weeks in a small room with average temp 18C I put some in a warm sunny window and 1 was a bit quicker and 1 was the slowest of the 5 so sometimes I think it just depends on the seed. I'm hopeful of them flowering this year. I got the idea to grow them from a magazine. We'll have to compare notes.

4 May, 2010

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