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okay I have a passionflower which is about 1 year old and grew likw crazy but some of the plant got ratty looking this winter but also kept growing new growth too , so i took the scissors and wanted to get the old stuff off and i cut a wrong vine and it ended up beeing the nice new stuff that I cut off!! I wanted to cry, so anyways I took the end and stuck it in a cup of water, will this keep it alive ? there is about 4 feet or more of plant connected, will roots come uot in while its in the water then I could put it in soil? or should I put rooting compound and plant it in soil right away? or is this hopeless? did I loose my plant? im so worried!!!!




Cuttings are easily rooted from all named hybrids and most species, and are best taken in early spring as the days are lengthening. The tip or end shoot is the best and easiest to take. With a sharp knife or secateurs cut closely below the node of the first or second mature leaf from the end shoot. Carefully remove the bottom leaf and all the tendrils and flower stalks. Dip the cut end of the stem in rooting powder and insert 1.5cm (1/2in) deep into compost - 15 cuttings will fit into a 12cm (5in) pot.
Nodal cuttings are useful when tip-cutting material is scarce. They should be 2 or 3 leaves long with the bottom leaf and tendril removed. The advantage here is that you can take numerous cuttings from one shoot.
A mixture of 50 per cent sharp sand and 50 per cent sphagnum moss peat is an ideal cutting compost, but just sharp sand, vermiculite, Perlite or peat will do. Don't use loam based compost for species from the subgenus Tasconia unless it is neutral or slightly acid.
Try to maintain soil temp of 18 - 21 C (65-70F). Cuttings will root at lower temperatures but may take a little longer. Many species and varieties will root on a warm windowsill, but it may be necessary to cover them with a clear polythene bag for the first week or so. Don't let the cuttings get to wet inside; either remove the bag for a while each day or make some small holes in it for ventilation.

14 Apr, 2009


Just wanted to add that I cut my passionflower right back to a bare wood framework every March and by May/June the whole thing is smothered in green growth again. It only flowers on new growth so it doesn't sound like you've done anything too awful. Look out for tiny black leaf buds in the nodes around now - a sure sign it's still ok!

14 Apr, 2009

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