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Lupin seedlings wilting - help?


By Puddles

London, United Kingdom Gb

Hi, I sowed these seedlings 18 days ago, they germinated after 3/4 days and seemed ok, however yesterday one collasped, I took it out and watered them with chesthunt compound, today another 2 have wilted (see photo), the stems are still green, should I remove them? What could be causing this, will I loose them all? (they are Lupin Rusell mixed) Thanks.




Hi you did right to water them w chesthunt compound, but i wondered if you are still growing them with heat as this could be the problem, now they have germinated they should be grown on cooler,

14 Apr, 2009


I have taken them out of propagator, but they are in my kitchen, which stays at about 20oc, would I be better off sowing them direct in the garden? Also when should I pot them on? Thanks for advice.

14 Apr, 2009


I would move them to a cooler place. As soon as they produce true leaves they can be potted on.

14 Apr, 2009


Not being rude, but they don't look as if the soil is deep enough.

15 Apr, 2009


You might be right about the soil, I did fill the tray higher but the level sank quite a bit when I watered them - they now only have about 2cm of soil. Thanks everyone for your advice, I think I'll try potting them on today, this is my 1st time growing from seed so all your advice is much appreciated.

16 Apr, 2009

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