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If the 'Boys' were to agree to a site in Goypedia under "L" for Links to Societies, eg the Fuchsia Society, the Alpine Society etc. is there any you could recommend which would have appeal for our members. It is often hard to hear about events which you might have attended had you known of them. I do not envisage a site giving specific details of what is on - rather it would be Links to websites dealing with specific interest groups. If you have a different slant on what you would want to see please share your ideas with the members. A 'Whats on' page was deemed to be too busy to accomodate but I am happy to ask for a simple Links page if others agree it would be beneficial.



Not sure it would help... Yes there could be a link to the AGS or SRGC site but you would need to go there regularly to check what was happening when.

8 Mar, 2012


A lot of the dates for 2012 are on the SRGC site. Stirling on the 24th March in Kincardine and I have added some others to my calendar in the hope that I might be able to go to them too. I think we have such a wide range of experience in both operating and searching using a computer and in gardening skills that some members might find it helpful. Hopefully if they do then they will say so if not there is no loss.

8 Mar, 2012


I have no problem with a links page as longs the boys are happy to do... For the SRGC there are shows on 14 April in Edinburgh, 21 April in Perth and 28 April in Nairn - gawd help Bulba and me as show secs!

8 Mar, 2012


You both do a great job. You don't hold back on educating us either. I don't forget how helpful you were in taking the time to find and introduce me to a chap who explained all about my primula. I'm afraid it was you they were talking about, when they said, if you want to know something or get something done, ask a busy person.

8 Mar, 2012


Ah well, 18 more months as secretary of the SRGC and then I will be stepping back from that role at least!

9 Mar, 2012

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