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By Diamond

County Down, United Kingdom Gb

Can anyone tell me what these plants are called please.. Thank you all ;0)

Plant_1 Plant_2



Photo no.1 is growing all round the fence of half of the garden.. about 10 of them all in all.. cant wait to find out what they are and what they will look like in summer :0)

9 Mar, 2012


The top one looks like a ribes to me, a flowering currant, or may even be something like a blackcurrant bush.

9 Mar, 2012


Cinderella thank you and i think you may be spot on with the Blackcurrant bush..after looking up Blackberry bush images i found that many were just the same as the ones i have :0) thanks again.

9 Mar, 2012


Your welcome Diamond. Lots of blackcurrants to come then./ That will be lovely.

9 Mar, 2012


Does anyone know if the second plant could be called Cotoneaster? while searching through images of plants with red berries it appears to look very similar.

9 Mar, 2012


I thought flowering currant too, but if its a blackcurrant you're in luck with 10 of them! There are so many kinds of cotoneaster its hard to say - have you a photo that will show the whole bush?

10 Mar, 2012


Yes it is difficult to see what it is from this picture. Is the branch in the front part of it, and does it have thorns, as a pyracantha does.

10 Mar, 2012


I'm certain the second photograph IS a cotoneaster - we used to grow them, and the flat profile is a giveaway. Just don't ask me what kind it is! It won't have thorns, and I'm sure it isn't a pyracantha. It will (unless you train it otherwise) hug the ground, and have leaves that are a lovely red-tinged shade in autumn, and hundreds of small red berries. Depending on the type, it could have lots of tiny white or pink flowers in late spring.

10 Mar, 2012


Thank you all for your comments.. not a very good photo of the cotoneaster i know but it was so low to the ground it was hard to get a good image of it. There are no thorns on the plant just tiny leaves and berries. I tried to prop it up but it is so close to the ground it wouldnt budge :0) Very sturdy wee plant !

11 Mar, 2012

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