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Dead Eryngium?


By Llew

Lincolnshire, United Kingdom Gb

My friend recently sent me some plants from her garden. A peony and a flag iris are doing well, but this eryngium..well, you can see, lol. I know plants can lose leaves and wilt a bit when they're moved, but do you think this one has any chance of recovering or should I lift it and fill the gap with something else?




Eryngium have heavy roots and don't really like being disturbed. This plant still has some green in the middle so might just survive yet. I would leave it for the moment but keep giving it plenty of water, particulary in this dry weather.

14 Apr, 2009


Thanks Bulbaholic. It's not dry here though, lol. Hasn't stopped raining for over a week. Grrrrrrrrrrrr. The soil looks a bit dry as I've just taken the pic in the dark with a flash, but I shall certainly do as you say.

14 Apr, 2009


Llew, your becoming addicted,fancy going out in the dark! You could do a slug hunt while your at it. lol

14 Apr, 2009


Well, I'm gobsmacked.

This plant really did look like it had given up, the green on the pic had gone. Tuther day I lifted it and planted a fuchia to fill the gap. But, not being one to give up too easily, I stuck it back in the soil in another spot just to see.

This morning, I swear there's a little green shoot/leaf coming up the middle. :o) I'll not move it again, but if it does live, it will have to be moved next year as it's right at the front of the bed now, lol.

28 Apr, 2009

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