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watering new shrubs


By Magga

yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have just planted a euonymus alatus and a photinia red robin I am told to water well until established,can anyone tell me what is watering well.Is it once a day,every two days or what. I am a novice and I dont want to lose them.HELP



you realy play it bye ear.if its raining hard theres no need if its realy hot twice a day.the best way i to push your finger into the soil about an inch.if its not a little damp water it.there is clay things you can buy from garden centres to do time goes bye youl get a feal for your plants just bye eye.

15 Apr, 2009


If you've planted them in the ground then you shouldn't need to water twice a day - even in dry weather. The real trick is to fully saturate the soil once a week if you've not had a decent amount of rain. This will mean the moisture goes right down and encourages deep roots to form.

If you water frequently but you're just wetting the top couple of inches you will encourage shallow roots to form. These can't access the moisture deeper down and will not be very drought resistant.

Also, water by letting a hose trickle into the bed over a long period and do this in the morning or evening to reduce evaporation.

15 Apr, 2009


thats the same thing and new plants need plenty of water to settle in

15 Apr, 2009


I have the photinia red robin as hedging plants out the front and I watered them really well when they first went in and the following day and left the rest to nature and they are fine. dont panic

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15 Apr, 2009


ow sorry we will have to agree to disagree if i dont water on a hot summer day my plants every day they start to suffer especialy the likes of my kiwi

15 Apr, 2009


Your plants will soon let you know if they are unhappy. Their leaves will be very droopy, limp and sad...... :-(

15 Apr, 2009


here here

15 Apr, 2009


thats when I would pay extra special attention
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16 Apr, 2009


its commen sense to

17 Apr, 2009

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