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Ireland Ie

Hi all, hoping someone can help :) ... I bought this tree/shrub in the garden center at the weekend, but forgot to ask what it was ... people keep telling me its a bay laurel, but i'm far from convinced - can anyone help me identify it?

It's about 5 feet tall
Thanks a mil in advance!




If you only bought it at the weekend why not go back to the garden centre and ask them or look for one that is labelled? It doesn't look like a Bay laurel to me but the pix is not close up enough to properly i.d. the leaves

15 Apr, 2009


Thanks for your help! I've updated the pic ... i certainly intend on going back - i thought it had a label on it, but it was blank... unfortunately i don't hold out muich hope of them helping much ...

15 Apr, 2009


The stem looks too red to be bay to me? Sorry, can't help otherwise, eeeek!

I would telephone the g.c. and ask for a name of the specialist. Each g.c. has one. Then when you go, you'll be able to ask the right person to identify it. HTH!

15 Apr, 2009


Thanks for the help - that's a good idea, I'll certainly do that ... was my own fault for not getting the info at the time!


16 Apr, 2009

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