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Do you have to feed a salix to keep it pink?


By Lindaw

United Kingdom Gb

The salix in our garden was really pink when we moved in 4 years ago. it is now very pale, nearly white. we prune it regularly but should we feed it?

On plant Salix integra



all plants need food and water like any living thing but weather thats your problem i dont know.

15 Apr, 2009


Are you saying that the leaves were pink and are now white? When have you been pruning it? The pink leaves grown appear on the new growth so you need to prune in early spring to maximise the new growth and then - fingers crossed - you will get pink leaves again. Of course you don't actually need to prune at all... If you have not been feeding it try using NPK as a top feed forked into the ground around the shrub.

15 Apr, 2009


sounds good moon

15 Apr, 2009


dont think the feed deturmins the colour that just comes with new growth, but all plants need feeding, the pink then turns to pale then brown, then cut back the brown bits to keep shape

9 Aug, 2009


i agree sanbaz though flamingos are pink because of the carrotin in there diet but i doubt thats the case here somehow lol

9 Aug, 2009


lol NP, im sure your right there

10 Aug, 2009


me to not trying to be big headed infact if you eat like 12-20 oranges a day you will go an orange tinge for the same reasen

10 Aug, 2009


yes i guess you would, like then tabs they made to make people have a tan, do you remember them, people were going orange with the carroteen in them, a girl at work took them and had very white skin, she was orange lol

10 Aug, 2009


lol i didnt see her but i would pay to of seen her lol sanbaz

10 Aug, 2009

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