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By Denmans

I have always used bone meal when planting new shrubs etc. I have recently moved to a house where I am gardening on chalk. I have read somewhere that bone meal may be ineffective on very alkaline soils. Is that right?



I wrote a blog about Bonemeal some time ago, you might want to read it... Switch to fish, blood and bone instead is my advice.

11 Mar, 2012


true fish blood and bone is better but my chalky soil isnt very alkaline, pH 7 almost 8. what is the pH of yours?

12 Mar, 2012


If the pH is much over 7.5, superphosphate would be a better source of phosphate, and expect it to last a long time. In our alkaline soil (pH 8-9) one heavy application is expected to last more than 5 years. Also, dig it in deep: it only moves about 5 cm a year in alkaline soil--1 cm for bonemeal.

13 Mar, 2012

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