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A couple of dumb questions!

I'm moving in a month, and there are two plants that I will be taking.
Three different Aconitums, and Gladiolus byzantinus. Trouble is that they're both in growth.
Are there any rights or wrongs about moving these in mid April?

One more question - will I be wasting my time if I try to take my Hermodactylus with me?



First two will be fine if moved and re planted with care.Third one not sure about maybe your doctor could help!.

11 Mar, 2012


Thanks Dgw!

I've heard that Hermodactylus dislike disturbance when in growth, so I wonder if anyone has any experience.

11 Mar, 2012


I have had to move mine when I had the builders in. I dug them up with loads of soil and they were fine. Use a spade so the soil stays as a lump. a fork will casue the clod of soil to break then the hermodactylus corms fall apart. their roots are brittle and thats why they dislike disturbance.

the others may naturally split into smaller clumps but just replant where you want them. I often pot up into large pots for that season and then replant when dormant.

12 Mar, 2012


Thanks SBG - I'll get the biggest shovel full I can.

12 Mar, 2012

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