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Cutting back bamboo


By Quest

United Kingdom Gb

Can I cut back my bamboo to fence height? It is about 10ft tall and blocking out precious light, causing the lawn to suffer. I would like to cut off the tops and reduce it to about 6 ft high across the top. Is it possile to just cut straight accross the tops without damaging the bamboo? IT is very well established and healthy, but over powering!



trust me when i say you could cut it to the floor and have trouble killing it so no problem .part of a grasses life cycle is to be eaten or burnt to the ground so i wouldnt worry

15 Apr, 2009


yes noseypotter is right, bamboo can be cut hard to ground level, infact it does it good.
there isn't any point of just cutting the top off, as you would just get thicker growth from this point.
it is an invasive plant so you may have trouble if you decide to move it, but that maybe a solution as it will always grow to it's 10ft height

15 Apr, 2009


you could try dressing it.about from say 4 feet up the bamboo take everything of the stems and cut out all the thinner stems it mite let in more light but be able to still grow.

15 Apr, 2009

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