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By Cliveg

Wiltshire, United Kingdom Gb

i have planted aubretia along the top of a wall and want it to hang over the top and tumble down - however all it wants to do is to grow the other way into the border. Any advice on how best to train it?



If maximum light is on the border side, that's why the plant's headed that way. And it will continue to do that whenever it gets the chance I'm afraid. You can get it to trail down walls which are in good sunlight and open both sides, but it'll always head for the brightest side.

13 Mar, 2012


It is most probably seeking the sunny side of the wall. I do not think there is much you can do to encourage it to do otherwise. But perhaps others will know.

13 Mar, 2012


Sorry, Bamboo - we crossed. But at least we agree!

13 Mar, 2012


Hang weights from the foliage over the wall!


13 Mar, 2012


Oh dear oh dear.

14 Mar, 2012


just a thought!


14 Mar, 2012



16 Mar, 2012

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