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I recently took possession of a virginal allotment, made available by our local was previously rough waste land.The council put a few inches of poor quality top soil but were very good at other amenities like water and toilet facilities etc. I put 90% of the plot down to potatoes, growing 3 types of earlies and the main crop was King Edwards... I got a good yield on all but suffered with Wireworm..Now in my second year and i want to grow potatoes again...My question is....How to best eliminate wireworm/click beetles?



i dont know but if you ask doctorbob or bamboo there true plantspeople .

14 Mar, 2012


The recommendation is not to plant potatoes on the same plot two years running, especially if you have had a pest problem. Wireworm is often worst on newly turned ground so don't despair as with regular cultivation they will decrease.
On your potato free ground you can try a wireworm trap. Put potatoes on the end of sticks and bury them. The wire worms will be attracted to them and you can dig them up and destroy the worms. They can live in the soil for 5 years before they pupate.
Where you grow potatoes dig them up as soon as they mature to avoid further damage. There used to be dusts that you could apply to rows of potatoes to control them but so many things have been taken off the market you should ask a knowledgeable garden supplier what you can use (but probably someone else on here will know already)
Also Google wireworm control & you'll find lots of info.

14 Mar, 2012


or steragram ofcourse lol xx . crop rotation . we learnt that at school . ever thaught of keeping chickens for eggs , food or both normanh ? . i believe different cops take things out of the soil and put other things in so if you do a 4 yearly crop rotation with one quarter with the chickens on that would help a lot i believe . correct me if im wrong .

14 Mar, 2012


Yeah thanks for all that info....I would normally rotate my crops but because the soil is basically clay and very heavy, i have decided to grow spuds again to help get the soil worked upon and as much compost/manure dug in as I can. It seems an easier way of working the clay....As for some Rhode Island Reds...I would love to have them, unfortunately the Council have 'a no animal rule', strange as an allotment in the town of Basingstoke literally 2-3 miles away allows them....And its the same council....

And their rent is only £18.00 a half plot as opposed to a rent of £60 that I pay....Talk about the short end of the stick...and, we have been told the water will be turned off at the water troughs in all maybe wireworms will be the least of my problems...Thank you for reading my rant...!

15 Mar, 2012


thats realy unusual good luck .

15 Mar, 2012


Lol, NP!

16 Mar, 2012


:) x

17 Mar, 2012

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