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I'm tempted to buy a dwarf water lily (nymphaea). The catalogue says that they are winter hardy, but I'm assuming that I would have to protect them in Northumberland where we get quite severe frosts. Has anyone got any experience of them?



Assuming you will keep it submerged in a pond the only protection required is to stop the water its in becoming frozen solid .

18 Mar, 2012


we have one, the pond got frozen on the surface for a short time, lilly has a flower bud on it already

18 Mar, 2012


I haven't got a pond - the catalogue i saw them in is showing them in 25cm plastic pots. I've seen a tip where people put a tennis ball in the fish pond to stop it freezing. My dog has lots of old tennis balls I could use LOL :-D

19 Mar, 2012

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