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My seedlings are now getting too big for the propogator on the windowsill - I don't have a glass greenhouse just one of the plastic ones. Still a wee bit early to put it out. Would it be ok to take the top of the porpogator off, will the plants still thrive?



Yes..take the top off your propogator if you don't your seeds will become leggey[to tall and thin]I have put some of my seeds in my plastic greenhouse and they are doing fine..up to now ..fingers crossed :)

19 Mar, 2012


They may not need a propagator now, can you pot them on into one of those trays divided into cells, just be careful to move them at night if a frost is can get very cold next to the glass especially if you draw the curtains

19 Mar, 2012


Many thanks, I'll take the lids off now.

Swanky, good luck with your greenhouse :) - we had quite a bad frost here yesterday so I'll hang on a few more weeks yet (I'm in Glasgow).

Pamg they are in the trays with the cells , so here's hoping they'll be OK.

Thanks again for your quick replies

19 Mar, 2012

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