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Suttons are advertising some Digitalis Camelot which look gorgeous but they are listed under perennials. Does anyone know if they actually are, and if they seed true or revert? I have enough wild foxgloves to be going on with!



Some of the newer varieties are advertised as perennials, I've noticed. I bought one the summer before last, but it is only coming on from self seeding again now, so behaving as a normal foxglove. Don't know if it will come true or not yet. The blurb I got it with said that it would have a mix of fertile and sterile seed, which I thought was odd. Anyway, we shall see......

19 Mar, 2012


some of the perennilas are in fact very short lived 2-3 yrs. More likely to live 3+ yrs if you dead head the flowerspike soon after flowering.

They will hybridise if there are other foxgloves in the area.

19 Mar, 2012


Don't think I'll bother then.Pity as they look very attractive, but fat too expensive for just 2-3 years - and I certainly don't want hybrids!

Thank you very much for the info. Will be interested to know the results of the self seeding Ojibway.

19 Mar, 2012


So will I, Steragram.
I don't think you can have too many foxgloves, wild or otherwise. I am very fond of them, except that they always seem to choose the 'wrong' places to seed themselves. I seem to be forever shifting little ones to the backs of borders.

19 Mar, 2012


Yes, they do pop up in the most inconvenient places and they don't always take kindly to moving either. I would have really liked some of the huge white ones with red spots but am not going to pay £18 for three that only last for 2 or 3 years. I am a Yorkshire woman by birth after all!

20 Mar, 2012


Quite right!

20 Mar, 2012

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