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Lily Scales.
I took these scales off my tree lily bulbs when I lifted them last year, I just put them in plastic bags of vermiculite & left them over winter in the potting shed.
I had forgotten about them til today when I found them & was surprised to see they are srouting.
What should I do with them now?
I was thinking of doing a 50 - 50 mix of seed soil & perlite & potting them singley.
Will they grow into new plants for next year?
Many Thanks

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I think they may take some time to develop to flowering bulb size. The energy will go into growing the bulb first.
I did this years ago and I seem to remember it took several seasons? I wouldn't go by that, though. Someone else may know more.

19 Mar, 2012


Hi Willinilli I posted a photo of on my page recently and Surreylad replied saying they would take 3-5 years to grow to flowering size so I just popped them in beside the lilies I was planting. I'm not very good at looking after pots of things. These look very healthy.

20 Mar, 2012


The plan of action seems good to me. And yes it does take 3 years or more for them to reach flowering size. All you can do is keep potting them up in rich compost and wait.

20 Mar, 2012


Thanks everyone, something to look forward to in the future then. I will try not to forget about them again :-)

20 Mar, 2012

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