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Hello (sorry I deleated my last question as I was advised to remove my email -- so here it is again) My son gave me a lemon tree for Mothers Day and I am anxious to keep it alive and well!! -- It is 80cms high and is in a 20cms pot -- already it has five yellow lemons growing on it although they are not firm -- a bit squashy -- it seemed a little dry so I gave it a little drink not too much -- I have a greenhouse (not heated) at the moment it is still in the house
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These plants can be stood outside during the summer months, once risk of frost is past, but without a long hot summer and a mild region of the country, will not crop. There are specific instructions for plants that you would like to produce a crop - Google 'growing lemon trees' and select any of the several references which crop up, but the Daily Telegraph one is quite useful.

20 Mar, 2012

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