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is this Bridal crown or Cheerfullness.

East Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have these double mini narcissi in pots. One pot has clusters of 5-8 flowers the other pot 2-3 flowers.
which is which? I always thought the 5-8 was cheerfulness but a visiting friend says not. this is the 2-3 flowered one.
thanks in advance




there are a few possibilities you could check out and see what you think , there is an indoor variety that grows outdoors "Erlicheer". or Winston Churchill and they could also still be cheerfulness ,
Ps please dont think I know what I am talking about I just happened to be looking through a catalogue with daffs in and compared em to your photos seaburn hee hee,

16 Apr, 2009


Havnt the foggiest but it is very pretty

16 Apr, 2009


The cheerfulness I've seen are more orange centred than yellow. They have a strong smell of Gardenias too.

17 Apr, 2009


I don't think Cheerfulness is a double, is it?

17 Apr, 2009


I go with Mac's Winston Churchill. It's best to put names on your records when you buy your bulbs.

17 Apr, 2009


I usually do keep names, well i have for the last 5yrs or so as i thats when i really got into plants. Its when people buy me presents and buy the bulbs loose from a local plant man that the trouble starts.
'Oh lovely what are they?'.
'Do you know which one?'
'small white ones'
etc Arrrrrgh. lol
cheerfull is a double bulbaholic.

They are very similar and more images of winston churchill match than cheerfullness but bridal crown is still a good match. I wonder how different they are genetically?
thanks for all the help.

17 Apr, 2009

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