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Your favourite plants?


By Andrea

Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi, I am in the process of `re-doing` my front garden and have a clean patch of land just waiting to be filled with plants. I just wondered if you could all share with me your favourite plant and why you like it so much?



hi, without doubt my fav flower is daff's. not a plant i know but thought id give them a mention. To me they are so cheerful and you know spring is here when you see them .

20 Apr, 2008


My favourites are Cacti and Pompom Dahlias just love their shapes and colours

20 Apr, 2008


Hi Andrea mine is a shrub Nandina Domestica - heavenly bamboo- if you read my blog In praise of N.D. will save me typing all out again.

20 Apr, 2008


My favorites change all the time, but currently it is Heucheras. The foliage comes in a marvelous range of colours from darkest purple as in H. 'Purple Palace' through to lime green as in 'Lime Light' and shades of amber as in 'Caramel' and 'Creme Brule'. 'Ebony & Ivory' is one on my wish list as it has the darkest purple leaves combined with tiny white flowers that form a wispy haze on tall, wire like flower stalks, which are almost black in colour. I have a variety called 'Velvet Night' in my garden now, at this time of year the new leaves are crimson red. Later, they will darken and develop silvery markings and it will produce tall, slender flower spikes like Ebony & Ivory. You wouldn't want it ALL Heucheras, but I don't think a garden should be without them!

20 Apr, 2008


hi Andrea, my favourites is most definitely my arum lily (there's a picture taken 3 years ago in my profile) It's stunning. The plant gets bigger every year and has more and more flowers (over 30 last year) which last for ages. I occasionally cut a few and put them in a vase, they look fantastic (and would no doubt cost a fortune from a florist). Incidentally I always had the impression that they liked damp places but mine is growing in a corner bounded on one side by my house and the other side by a leylandii hedge

20 Apr, 2008


What a difficult question, Andrea. My favourites change all the time - but I do go for Salvias like S. nemorosa 'Ostfriesland' as its colour is so deep and gorgeous and if you keep deadheading, it flowers for months!

20 Apr, 2008


grouping lavender and rosemary shrubs together - if the sun shines on that patch of garden first thing (especially with dew on) the fragrance is fantastic for when you first leave the house - i also like grasses to...

20 Apr, 2008


Gosh! for me, Sidalcia for there lovely spikes of "cupped" flowers & there long lasting ability. They get better every year.

20 Apr, 2008


Japanese maples without a doubt. The variety of colours and shapes are just breathtaking.
Oh and Pansies - great all rounders.

21 Apr, 2008


Wow! Just need to get the money now to go out and buy them!

21 Apr, 2008


Tree ferns if you have the space and the pennies. They look fantastic, a hint of the tropics and always get great reviews from friends etc.

21 Apr, 2008


my favorite flower to grow is the holly hock, there are different varieties, before my father passed away he handed me a bag of seeds, he knew that when i was a little girl i would admire the extremely large flowers and the tallness, they can grow easily 6 ft. and came back every year , you really dont need to do a thing they just come back, they are very beautiful and easy to care for.

21 Apr, 2008


Hi Jojo Thanks for the comment. I do like Hollyhocks but somehow they always get rust on the leaves and it looks bad? Any ideas how to combat it?

23 Apr, 2008

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