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Does any one know where you can buy Sangral


By Sangral

United Kingdom Gb

Sangral is a soluble fertilizer and i have tried to track it down. So far i have found that the factory is in Scotland but it does not tell you where to buy it. I have one bag left, and i have tried a few fertilizer`s but so far this one is the tops. It could be that they no longer sell it?



Here you go, Sangral.


and another one. This one has the best selection.

16 Apr, 2009


HI we have a large selection of sangral products for sale please ring 01522 690982 or 01522 689652 and ask for Dave many thanks regards Dave

1 May, 2009



We have roughly 200kg of sangral in stock

18-3-33 formulation
In 1kg sealed bags




11 May, 2009

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