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Hallo to all you ornithologists...or even golfers in GoY....My question is...I have some golf ball scattered around my garden and I have noticed that one has gone missing, would it be possible that magpies or crows or other birds could have stolen them?...this is not a trick question...just a fact...OK I can see that some of you will laugh at my question and think that I´m a strange person having golf balls in my garden...but everybody to their own thing!.



just answered on your other question.

21 Mar, 2012


which seems to have gone
jackdaws and magpies like trophies and will take a range of odd items as souveniers. all the crow family are bright and clever birds.

21 Mar, 2012


Hallo Seaburngirl...I saw that I had put the same question in twice that is why I deleted one of them....thanks for your answer...those were my thoughts as well but I didn´t know if magpies etc could even get them in their that would be the answer I think.

21 Mar, 2012


they will pick things up in their feet too. seen a jackdaw take a barbie doll off the grass when my eldest girl left it out.

21 Mar, 2012


And I have seen a herring gull lift a (full) milk jug off a table, fly off carefully, land on a wall nearby & drink the milk!

22 Mar, 2012


We had a foxes den in the woods at the bottom of our garden and found where all the tennis balls had disappeared from our garden!

22 Mar, 2012

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