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If I scatter a wild Seed Mix On my my grassy meadow will they grow and will I still need to mow it

SUFFOLK, United Kingdom Gb

Meadow is 600 square meters



Lucky you! What a great idea but I dont think you would be able to establish wildflower seeds in an already established meadow, too much competition. meadow management is quite tricky. Could I suggest you read a book called Meadows by Christopher Lloyd, its really informative. meadows still need to be cut, in fact if they are not they get very tussocky and trees seed themselves about in it, also any wildflowers need time for their seeds to ripen and fall, any wildlife needs to complete its life cycle too. Good luck and keep us posted on any progress

17 Apr, 2009


When you create a wild flower meadow, I do know that it's recommended that you buy plug-plants of wild flowers that you'd like in there, because the seeds from the native flowers in the existing meadow will dominate.

I expect that Christopher Lloyd's book will say all this too. I've seen the one at Great Dixter and it is spectacular!

Good luck with yours.

17 Apr, 2009

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