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moray, United Kingdom Gb

what would be a fast growing climber for a south garden suitable to hide a hole in a fence



Do you want the climber to actually climb up the fence or be in front of the fence?

23 Mar, 2012


to climb over the fence preferably

23 Mar, 2012


Assuming the fence is yours to grow something over Clematis montana (will need some netting attached to the fence to climb up) or one of the Lonicera's not Wisteria which would likely bring the whole fence down! If the fence isn't yours then you can't grow anything actually on it but will need a trellis in front of.

23 Mar, 2012


You could maybe grow a spiky shrub in front of the hole to prevent anything coming through........

24 Mar, 2012


thanks for help,the fence is my daughters and clematis montana would be a lovely covering i will get some trellis first. i am her gardener!!

25 Mar, 2012

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