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about lemon tree plant

norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

grown from a pip 4 years old . about 4 ft. tall one main stem plenty of side stems but never had flowers. leaves have now gone sticky any ideas whats wrong and how to cure many thanks, gerald



sticky leaves sound like it is a pest like greenfly or mealybug. they excrete a sticky waste often called honeydew. check it is pest free then wash the leaves to prevent sooty mould developing.

you can buy citrus food at the local gc this might encourage it flower. hope this helps. welcome to GoY too.

17 Apr, 2009


I had/have both issues. stucky leaves was a bug so just gave it a pest spray and ok. Also never had any flowers and had mine for about 7-8 years

17 Apr, 2009


i had a lemon i grew from a pip for years and it did flower and bear fruit so dont give up on it yet. clearly i had no idea what the variety was. commercial ones are grafted as Marguerite says.

18 Apr, 2009


ahh the mystery deepens, tell me more about this grafting and how to do it with lemons. I've had my tree so long I dont want to chuck it as I have grown attached to it but I might find some secluded sunny spot in the countryside and put it out to retirement.

18 Apr, 2009


The stickiness could be due to Scale insect. I had this problem quite a few years ago with a home grown Lemon Tree. Have a look at the stem and branches, you may find tiny smooth, pale brown dots on it , these are they. Treat with a proprietory spray. It could be that the air is too warm and dry around the plant.

18 Apr, 2009

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