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what is sweaty feet disease?


By Wibble

United Kingdom Gb

I have noticed this all over Hampshire and Sussex: The smell of sweaty feet coming from viburnum tinus. They subsequently die and infect the soil. Is there a cure?

On plant viburnum tinus



Have you got Vine weevil?. We had it about 3 years ago. Wisley has said the Weevil are getting bigger. We dug them up and burnt them. The smell was like rotting potatoes.

18 Apr, 2009



18 Apr, 2009


oh i thought it was my husbands feet !!

18 Apr, 2009


SK - you're too far away to be able to smell mine :-)

18 Apr, 2009


Possibly Viburnum beetles, they do produce a very unpleasnt smell on the shrubs. Have the leaves got holes in them?

18 Apr, 2009


The smell is a result of the actions of Viburnum Leaf Beetle. I believe it is the result of the female laying her eggs in small holes on the underside of twigs. She covers the eggs in a mixture of chewed wood pulp and faeces - it is this heady mixture that gives off a foul smell during warm weather. If you have been unfortunate enough to smell a mangy dog ( I have!) then you would recognise the odour immediately. VILE.

23 Jun, 2009


Hi, I think this was answered on question 7455

14 Mar, 2010

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