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My next door neighbour has a Cox's Orange Pippin apple tree which, for the last two fruiting seasons has seen the fruit full of holes and inedible. Could these be wasps? If so when is the correct time to spray - assuming you can spray against them and with what product. The tree is starting to throw out new leaf/blossom shoots but a couple of the branches have small areas of what looks like green lichen. Any help would be much appreciated.



Possibly your neighbour needs to put a sticky band round the trunk before October to stop insect/s crawling up and laying eggs in the buds later. The developing grubs chomp from inside, then bore a hole to escape. So the the fruit may be deformed or be discoloured at the core. Any supports need to be encircled too. Also look up Ptheramones for Codling moth.Grease banding is messy to do as the band is so sticky to handle but worth it. This is for winter moth which is flightless. It is active Oct/Jan.....Unfortunately fruit trees are favourite targets for allsorts of pests.

24 Mar, 2012


I'd certainly order a pheremone trap for codling moth - they don't cost a huge amount and are quite effective, and might be one cause of the holes in the apples, but they usually only make one hole, and when you cut the fruit open, you'll see a brown tunnel into the core.
If the apples are full of holes, it might be the tree is suffering from Apple Bitter Pit - this causes fruits to develop sunken brown spots, which may then turn to holes because a secondary infection enters. The cause of that is calcium shortage, often due to not enough water when the fruits are growing - this can be corrected by giving the tree a balanced feed of fertiliser, something like Growmore, keeping it well watered, particularly once the fruits have formed, and mulching around the tree. Calcium nitrate sprays are available for use between early summer and autumn, but Bramley tends to be over sensitive to the spray, so not recommended.

24 Mar, 2012


Sorry, got your question confused with someone else's - the last sentence I referred to Bramley, which, of course, the tree you're asking about isn't.

24 Mar, 2012


Many thanks to Dorjac and Bamboo for their replies. I will pass them on to my neighbour who will appeciate them very much

25 Mar, 2012

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