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By Cat10

Surrey, United Kingdom Gb

Hi All,

Been trying to decide whether we should put pavement all the way and mix with pots + container or half pavement on the front near the patio door and grass on the back ..

There is no soil at all until where the shed start since the old owner put a huge fish pond there. The soil on the back were underneath raised crazy pavement before we knocked it down.

I would think we will need to put top soil on the back if we decide to put grass there.

Last thing, area nearby the white wall hardly get any sun.
The rest of the area still get sun until around 5-ish

Gladly to hear for opinion. Getting bored with the ''landscape'' :))




In my humble opinion, I would not cover the whole area with pavers, you might get bored. You could do half and half for now and see how you like it. If you really still want it all paved, you won't have lost anything.

Personally, if it were my garden, and this is only my opinion, others may not agree, but I would not bother with grass. (unless you have family/pet reasons for wanting it) I would probably put another still water pond in, as it is great for attracting the wildlife. But only if the sun can get to it, my pond is only 88cm wide, so you can go small if you want. You could then plant a slightly exotic planting area with alpines and grasses with gravel on top to give a minimal maintenance garden.

The white wall, there are several climbers that do well in part/full shade. I would utilise that space. There are several mentioned in the questions on this site. You may need to put up a or some trellises, depending on the spread of the climber.

But, take your time. Look at other peoples' gardens near you and see what they have successfully grown. Go to garden centres and see what plants you like and how much they need looking after and what size they grow to.

But above all, have fun! :-)

18 Apr, 2009


You can find lots of plants that enjoy shade - so you could make a flower bed with climbers on a trellis at the back on the wall.

I would also say don't cover it all with pavers, just do a part of the area if you want somewhere to sit. You could place containers of flowers on that area as well.

I don't think it's big enough for a lawn - make some lovely beds and a path through them and enjoy the flowers! No grass to cut, either! :-)

18 Apr, 2009

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