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mold on leaves of my begonia

ontario, Canada Ca

i have a begonia and i bought it a few weeks ago and i have noticed mold on the leaves it gets partial sun and is watered quite frequently it has white like sploches on the leaves it does not have grubs i have checked but it has white sploches of mold that will not go away. can anyone help? ill try to get a photo up



Without seeing the plant, it sounds like you could be overwatering them. They do not like water on their tubers else they start to rot. You could let it dry out. Keep an eye on it but I would certainly take the affected leaves off.

18 Apr, 2009


ok thanks i will take a picture to help with identifying it
would re-potting help as well?

19 Apr, 2009


You could do. That isn't a bad idea actually. Make sure to use sterilised compost. Don't water it for a little while tho', wait a few days til the leaves start going a tiny bit droopy, then put some water in a saucer for 24 hours only. Any water left, drain it away. Repeat the process and you should get a healthy plant. If you want to feed it, do it once it starts flowering, on a fortnightly basis til it finishes flowering. hth!

19 Apr, 2009

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