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I have what I thought was anemone blanda but the foliage is different in shape and colour and the flower is an intense blue. I would very much like to know its name please. The first pic allows a comparison of the anemone blanda foliage on the left and this new comer with the lovely dark coloured foliage on the right. The second shows a photo which is pretty true colour wise of the intense blue flower and coloured leaves.

23.3.12_dark_leaved_anemone_p1020542_edited 23.3.12_dark_leaved_anemone_and_flower_p1020543_edited



Personally i would say it was just a different form of Anemone blanda. Many of my blanda come up with dark foliage and the blue colouring can be quite stunning. Enjoy !!!

25 Mar, 2012


I agree with Andy.

25 Mar, 2012


Thank you both. I am enjoying them Andy and Mg. I'm surprised I have not found them anywhere in my searches of the web. If anyone can provide a link I will be very pleased. I did wonder if the difference can be put down to soil conditions.

25 Mar, 2012


And a bit of Chionodoxia in with it as well. I threw some anenome blanda away into my lawn and it has naturalized. I once dug up a tuber which I had planted a couple of years before and it was enormous! About the size of an egg.

25 Mar, 2012


Wow! I didn't think of them growing that big.

25 Mar, 2012


Its very beautiful anyway - I'm a sucker for blue flowers!

25 Mar, 2012

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