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Can I prune a fatsia japonica plant?


By Widower

United States Us

Mine has got to be too big for the space I can give it. I have chopped off extremities but the bush is now bare at the bottom and unsightly

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You can prune them, yes. Now is a good time. Cut just above a branch/leaf junction to the shape you want. Surprisingly, you can be brutal with these too and chop them right back and they'll still survive (although personally, I wouldn't do that).

These can grow huge, in fact, I'm wondering how much bigger mine's gonna get, although i'm loathe to prune it or touch it 'cause I love it just as it is at the mo.

18 Apr, 2009


one that i had had an accidental strimming when hubby used his new toy. I was convinced it was a goner but no it came back bigger than ever. so dont worry.

18 Apr, 2009


Thank you Llew and Seaburngirl. I think I will be brave and prune some branches hard this year and follow up with more of the same next year. Hopefully it will be easy from then on.

19 Apr, 2009


yes you can, not a problem

11 Jun, 2009

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