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By Debeann

Worcestershire, England Eng

I have a 22yr old cordyline that it planted in the groung and like most people 'died' last year but it then started having shoots at the bottom of the trunk. There are about 12 altogether. How do I propagate these as I would like to grow them in pots and pass them on to my children as the tree has sentimental value to us all.

On plant Thank you for your reply. I did take 3 off at the end of last year. 2 died and I'm struggling to keep the 3rd one alive.



The only way to grow those on is to get a good piece of root with each new shoot. Usually, though, this is not possible, because the shoots arise off the wood at the base of the trunk rather than directly off the roots. You could try digging the tree up and then cut through the wood downwards to try to get some roots with each one, or you could just cut down the dead trunk to where the new growth has appeared, and let it grow on as it is. The tree is not dead - just the main trunk has died.

26 Mar, 2012


I was amazed when one of mine went to seed.......I,ve got a dozen baby ones now.......

26 Mar, 2012

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