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green mould?


By Mookins

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

just a quick question this morning. just been and watered the seeds in the greenhouse and there are quite a few trays with green mould type stuff over the top!!
a) will this effect the seeds growing/trying to grow
b) why is this happening
c)how can I prevent it?

i open the windows in there on a regular basis t help it circulate but only a little if its cold and wide open if its hot!!



its probably algae, try to water less and from the bottom of the pot/tray. more robust seeds will be fine. in the past i have founf fine seed doesnt cope. annual lobelia in particular. that reminds me i have'nt sown any yet. job for later!

19 Apr, 2009


thatnks SBG much appreciated will def do that
...algae... I did think it reminded me of something id seen before but couldnt remember the word so mould type stuff was my answer hehe

thank you very much
x x x

19 Apr, 2009


Hi Mookins, so long as the mould is not grey, downey or powdery, which doesn't sound like yours, you're ok. Fungi can be prevented by using sterilised compost, avoiding overwatering and ensuring good hygiene of all equipment and growing areas. Keep going!

19 Apr, 2009


ive just had another look and some have little clumps of tiny fine hairs (like on my friends nans chin.
whats this?


19 Apr, 2009


Heeee! You are funny, I have a mole on my chin, which sprouts hairs and I'm not even a granny!!! Lol!!

According to the "the complete book of plant propagation" by various experts, it says:

Downy Mildew: This fungus can attack young plants and seedlings, causing yellowing of leaves in patches, followed by wilting and death. On the undersides of affected leaves they produce an off-white or purplish mould. Downy mildews are generally host specific in any genus. Remove affected plants or leaves and control with an appropriate fungicide.

If its only a small patch, I should just put it in a warm dry place and see if it manages to clear up by itself. Wait and see before panicking and chucking it out?

Let me know how it gets on.....

20 Apr, 2009


ooh sorry craftnutter hope i didnt offend you but thats the only way i could describe it.
have had the door and windows open all day in greenhouse and the hairy bits seem to have reduced/dissapeared but still quite green looking
have put the into trays fingers crossed will all be ok
x x

20 Apr, 2009

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