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I have a 15 foot multi stem cordyline. One stem suffered damage last winter and has no top leaves..but there are several new plants growing on the side of the damaged trunk. Do I leave them or remove them and do I reduce the height of the damaged trunk?



i would cut it back down to the new growth and protect it threw winter .

27 Mar, 2012


Yes, cut the damaged trunk back to the new growth, as said above. You can leave the new growth in place, unless its too many shoots and you don't want them all, in which case, sever them at the base where they come out of the trunk and just leave the ones you do want to grow on.

27 Mar, 2012


id keep them personaly as youl have more chance of it surviving wintersetc and it will be atractive when it gets bigger .

28 Mar, 2012

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