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As you can probably see from the picture the forsythia hasn't had anything done to it for 6/7 years and about 3 foot of it is just a thick stem with the flowers and new leaves at the very top, is it worth keeping? if so what shall i do with it?

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Not entirely sure about first one - someone will know.
The second is a Forsythia for sure. It flowers on the previous year's growth, so only this year's flowering stems should be cut back when it finishes flowering.

27 Mar, 2012


Where is the best place for the Forsythia? sun?

27 Mar, 2012


The first one's a euphorbia (spurge) of some kind, I think - there's bound to be a clever person on here who can put a proper name to it, and yes, the second one's a forsythia. I think you need to prune this after it's finished flowering. I've got 2 forsythia bushes - one in sun and one in part shade, and they seem to cope with either.
Oh! Your comments have just popped up while I've been writing this!

27 Mar, 2012


Forsythia isn't a fussy shrub. Mine happens to be in sun, and that is probably best, but apart from deep shade, perhaps, I think it does ok anywhere. My neighbours have them in all different situations and they're fine.

27 Mar, 2012

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