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I have just purchased a plant called Lysimachia minoricensis, photo below, but cannot find out anything about it apart that it's extinct in the wild! The only information given is:
Grown mainly for its distinctly dark green and white foliage, produces tiny white flowers in late summer.
Eventual Height: 90cm

Other Lysinachias seem to have a reputation for taking over so I am not sure I want to put this in my garden if it has the same habit. I must admit I didn't notice the eventual height info and presumed it was a ground cover plant! Any info would be appreciated.

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Sun/part shade, ordinary garden soil, apparently. The only references I could find appear to be someone growing it in America, where theirs often doesn't make it through the winter (this is a mediterranean plant). Since I don't quite know where this person lives, its hard to say how hardy it will be over here. It apparently seeds itself quite prolifically, so you might want to let it go to seed in the autumn just in case it keels over in the winter. If it turns out to be quite hardy, then cut the flowerheads off next time.

28 Mar, 2012


Thanks, Bamboo, I think I read that item too. I think I might stick it in a corner and keep an eye on it in case it decides to take over!

28 Mar, 2012


Its pretty isn't it.

28 Mar, 2012

How do I say thanks?

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