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By Tosh

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

I need to buy something to get the weeds under control in a 3 acre garden. The job is mainly weeds as opposed to saplings, and they are, in the main, on the boundary edges and round trees, but from past experience, a regular strimmer seems to be too feeble and often only flattens large stringy weeds like nettles. I was toying with the idea of a 30cc petrol brush cutter - having only seen them online and compared prices and specs they seem ok, but does anyone have any experience that they feel they could pass on?



you can get heavy duty strimmers that are petrol and more than up to stingers etc

19 Apr, 2009


Yup B uses one to keep the area of the field nearest our garden under control.

19 Apr, 2009


i used to work for the suffolk truast and they had doubled handled petrol strimmers but with metal blades.i was strimming and hit a pheasant .not nice trust me but that would take out small shrubs

20 Apr, 2009


Thanks folks. Have narrowed search down to 3 models - vary in price enormously but have to grasp the nettle (so to speak) and get it sorted before the weeds take over!

20 Apr, 2009


grab the one thats middle can probably find out more info b4 you decide on the internet tosh

20 Apr, 2009

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