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I have had a camellia for about three years. I have tried it in the front border and the back border and it has never looked very healthy. I dug in some ericacious compost last year, and I now have some buds on it, but it still looks very poorly with yellowing leaves etc. I know it is lacking something but not sure what! Hope someone can help - thank you.



Camelias don't particularly like being moved around need to be somewhere that does not get early morning sun, in case there is frost on the buds, and need to be planted in neutral to acidic soil. So if you have an alkaline soil then even with the addition of ericaceous compost it will not be happy in your borders. Could you put up a photo so we can see what is going on?

29 Mar, 2012


When you say you have dug in some ericacious compost do you mean at least a 60 litre bag? And then feed it well!!

30 Mar, 2012

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