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Will Brugmansia survive?

Pest county, near Budapest, Hungary Hu

I have just bought 3 of these plants, also known as Angels Trumpets. I have planted them in my front garden, which is south west facing and gets a lot of sun. Our soil is fast draining and tends to dry out quickly. I water as much as possible but there are times when we cannot do it. Will Brugmansias survive under these conditions?

On plant Brugmansia suaveolens



Hi I know they are not hardy. I was given a cutting which is only a few inches tall. I had him outside last week but the leaves turned a lighter colour as it was still a little to cold. I believe they are more mediteranean so drier and warmer.
Good luck.

19 Apr, 2009


In the north-east of England, we would only put Brugmansia out from June until the end of September.

Most of the people I've spoken to about it have it as a conservatory plant.

20 Apr, 2009

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