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I want info on gooseberries how to plan and can you grow in pots



you can grow most things in pots just depends on the type of plant and size of pot realy . im sure you can grow goosberries in a large pot but there will be someone like bamboo that will tell you more about this .

30 Mar, 2012


I have tried gooseberry in pots for a while but I got mildew. I did the goblet-shaped pruning to get good air through but I think my problem was getting the watering right.
Much better in open ground when I planted them out. Keep up with the open pruning though, helps stop the mildew and less scratches when you`re picking.

30 Mar, 2012


i think basicly all plants are better in the ground given the chance kere but never say never .

30 Mar, 2012


Would always grow in the ground as feeding and watering is less of a problem. It would seem that these garlic-based sprays are excellent as they deter gooseberry sawfly and the sulphur content in garlic prevents gooseberry mildew.

31 Mar, 2012


The variety Greenfinch is resistant to mildew - wonderful discovery!"

31 Mar, 2012

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