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I have a 12ft leylandii hedge growing in front of my flat at the top of a crazy paving slope. In am in a garden flat accessed down steps to the side of the slope.
My living room window looks out to the slope and the base of the leylandii hedge.
The slope is in shade in the morning and receives sunlight late afternoon.

I have a bamboo in a half barrel just outside my window to hide the hedge and started growing Boston Ivy in the same barrel to cover the slope. Any suggestions for other plantings, including below and up the Leylandii? Anything to hide the monstrosity.

Long story, but there is a campaign afoot to remove the hedge and I've suggested bamboo as a replacement. Any other suggestions would be welcome. The need is for instant screening at about the same height.

Thanks in advance.

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i wouldnt chose just bamboo thow if you buy a clump former or two or the creeping type and put them in a proper bamboo membrane so it cant go everywear it would be good . you will have to do some serious soil reconstitution as the conifers will of taken all the goodness out and have the stumps ground out . maybe a couple of bamboos and some trellis with some nice climbers on them .id plant the bamboos deeper into the garden so they dont mess with your wall to .

30 Mar, 2012


You have my sympathy. A chain saw and lots of digging are in order. As np says, lots of soil improver and some trellis will give some cover/privacy and I would suggest honeysuckle, clematis and evergreen clematis to give cover that will not be too dense to control. I would advise you to keep your bamboo in it`s pot as if you plant it in the garden you have shown it will spit bits of crazy paving at you and invade the whole of the slope within a short time. I would remove occasional bits of crazy paving and plant something on the slope, you can plant for the shade of the offending trees (if you can`t get rid of them) and draw the eye to the pretty things that you plant!

30 Mar, 2012


the bamboop is fine as long as you use membrane specialy for bamboo or do what ive done and get one of those black realy big nylon pots you buy trees in . cut the bottom out and bury it to within half an inch from the top . then it can grow down but know further than the restraints of said bucket .

30 Mar, 2012


I grow climbing nasturtiums up a leylandi hedge and they make a good show. I just hook the stems behind the branches. If you can't do that, nasturtiums would still creep along the bottom of the hedge and create some colour.

1 Apr, 2012


the trees take up all the room in such a small garden . id rather have nothing than them . they belong in huge gardens like stately homes .

2 Apr, 2012


Thank you for your responses. I'm going to keep the bamboo in its pot. Will remove some of the crazy paving and plant some spreading colour. Aubretia for next year.
Love the idea of climbing nasturtiums, thanks Pennyfarthin !

2 Apr, 2012


your welcome .

3 Apr, 2012

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