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Does anybody know what the flag shaped young plants are? I know much of what you can see is bindweed rearing its ugly head - but what's the sort of bluey shaded plant? i don't have a clue :)




Looks a bit like Solomon's Seal. Mine look similar to that just now.

30 Mar, 2012


They look like Solomons Seal to me .They grow at an astonishing rate as well.

31 Mar, 2012


Thank you both for the answer, that's great! Do you think I'd be OK to move them as they are growing close to, and in amongst goats beard. I imagine they will be swallowed up as it grows. (I am new to this garden.) I know what it does from September to now, and I am finding new things almost every day. Happy times :)

31 Mar, 2012


I wouldn't move them just now because they are very actively growing and spreading under the soil. I would wait until it has finished flowering and dies back. The better news is that they will probably grow up and through the goat's beard into the light. Here's hoping .....

31 Mar, 2012


Thanks everyone - I'll leave them where they are and see how they flower.

1 Apr, 2012

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